Me and Mr. T

In preparation for eating bad food during tonight’s Super Bowl, I went for a bike ride. It was 57 degrees when I started so I was looking forward to not freezing my ass off for a change. I got about three miles from home when I ran into Ted, known in the Twitterverse as @MrTinDC. After showing him the Morningside bald eagle nest (it was unoccupied), I offered to show Ted the route back to DC via the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

Ted was riding his Jamis commuter bike and I was on The Mule. We rode over the bridge and up the long hill to Oxon Hill Road. Neither Ted nor I died, so we continued on into Oxon Hill Farm. I gave Ted the option of riding the roads near the DC/Prince Georges County border but he opted for the scenic route.

Down he sped along the edge of the farm to the Oxon Cove Trail. It was a bit bumpy and flat along the trail. We rejoined the streets in DC near the police training facility and turned to ride back up a steep hill to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Mr. T in Anacostia

We stayed on MLK for the next several miles, riding past all manner of folk out enjoying the unseasonably warm day. A couple of people expressed concern for our safety. Anacostians are still not used to seeing people riding. We saw only a couple of other bikes along the MLK.

We crossed the Anacostia River on the 11th Street Bridge side path. The path was covered in an astonishing amount of salt and sand. In a few spots it was like riding on a bike trail next to the beach.

A Little Heavy on the Salt

After a brief stint on bust M Street, Ted led around Nationals Park to the Titanic Memorial and up along the Washington Channel waterfront.  At Seventh Street Ted headed for stately MrT Manor. I made my way to the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac.

Instead of taking the MVT home, I opted for Commonwealth Avenue in Alexandria. Comm Ave is flat with a nice wide bike lane and little car traffic.

By the time I arrived back home, it was 62 degrees out. If only this weather would stick around for a few months.

Ain’t gonna happen.


3 thoughts on “Me and Mr. T

  1. I took a series of pictures of the salt on the 11th Street bridge on Friday and sent them to Councilmember Cheh (who has oversight of transportation and the environment – I figured this was a topical overlap). There has to be a more judicious way of utilizing road salt. The people who distributed that salt did not know what they were doing.

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