November by the Numbers

Somewhere along the way, November confused itself with February. Despite the cold weather, the Rootchopper express rolled on. I managed to roll 530 miles during the month, mostly on the back of 16 commutes and a short trip to the doctor’s office. The Mule did most of the work, taking me to work 8 times and racking up 297 1/2  miles. Big Nellie took me to work 6 times and covered 187 1/2 miles. Little Nellie took me to work twice and we covered 45 miles. The highlights of the month were seeing 35,000 miles come up on Big Nellie’s odometer and 34,000 miles appear on The Mule’s.  Little Nellie is way behind but should reach a mileage milestone in a week or so.

Oh and I coffeeneured, too (which explains my lingering jitters).

By the end of November I’d ridden 6,821 1/2 miles in 2012 including a personal record of 163 bike commutes.

It’s all downhill from here.



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