Momma, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Goalies

After yesterday’s 6 ½ mile walkfest, I thought I’d be sore all over.  Other than a small bllister on my right foot, I think my decrepit body has weathered the storm quite nicely.

My daughter spent Saturday playing goalie at a high school lacrosse event. She went out Saturday night and managed to turn her ankle.  This is the same ankle that she hideously turned in a high school basketball game. She was doing the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) thing yesterday and left the house on crutches this morning. Until the ankle calms down, she will be unable to drive to school. (Mrs. Rootchopper did the driving today, but I expect that my bike commuting will get pre-empted several times this month.) She’s on crutches for now. The upside is that all the contusions from Saturday’s event will be allowed to heal.

I left home on Big Nellie in broad daylight. What a treat! The sun was right in my eyes several times. I am going to have to start wearing sunglasses.  The wind was not a treat. It was blowing in my face the whole way to work. At one point I started down a slight decline on the Mount Vernon Trail. In spite of my faired recumbent, the wind kept my speed down to 12 miles per hour. I passed Bob (Don’t Call Me Rachel)  Cannon on his way south. He was all smiles. My misery + his glee = bike karma.

Near Gravelly Point, a cross gust nearly pushed me off the trail and into the river. I felt like I was drunk just trying to bike in a straight line took concentration.

When I got to Rosslyn, the headwind became a tailwind, then a sidewind, then a tailwind again as I navigated the urban canyon. Make up your mind, Mr. Wind!!

I wore overboots to keep my feet warm. It was 30 degrees when I left the house, and the sun warmed things up a few degrees during the commute. The boots were no match for the wind. At lunchtime my feet were still cold.

During the day I learned that Bike to Work Day registration opened today. I signed up immediately.

The ride home was as pleasant as the ride in was harsh thanks to a mighty tailwind and my surprisingly springy legs. Distance walking will cure what ails you.

The misery on the faces of cyclists headed in my direction looked familiar. One guy in particular looked unhappy. He had nothing on his head and an overcoat that seemed to have quite a few gaps to let the wind in.

I followed a ride down Collingwood Road near my house. He had a headlight that was pointed down at his pedals and a blinky light that was low on juice. He probably had no idea that he was barely visible in the twilight.  Batteries are much cheaper than emergency rooms. The dude should spring for a few AAAs.


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