Oops, let their be lights!

I neglected to mention that last night’s after dark, in the rain errrandonnee to the grocery store was lit by my Light and Motion Stella light. This baby does a great job. I’ve had this one for three years. It’sjust a single LED but it works on the darkness of the Mount Vernon Trail. The newer version is even brighter (I’m told). It charges reasonably quickly. (It does not use one of those fancy pants USB chargers.)
One thing I don’t like about the light is that the wire that connects the battery to the light doesn’t detach from the light. I don’t like detaching the light from my helmet twice a day so I end up with a rat tail. Lately I’ve been wrapping the wire around the blinky light that is attached to the rear of my helmet.
I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Light and Motion product.


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