El Errando Grande Is Faked Out

Warm air is here. It’s April!!! Well, actually,no. Never mind.
As you can see, I got all excited about the warmish air forecasted for today. I didn’t bother with overboots and I used a vest and Smartwool arm warmers instead of my jacket. I was a tad underdressed, but I didn’t care.
Big Nellie didn’t either although she managed to delay our departure with a broken o-ring. Big Nellie has delusions that she’s a space shuttle. The o-ring in this case actually attaches the bike computer to the handlebar so it’s not a critical item. One just doesn’t want to have a droopy computer. It just isn’t done. Fortunately, I thought ahead and bought a spare that was underneath the dollar bill in my repair kit. (The dollar bill is for use as a tire boot not as a medium of exchange.)
Off I rode, a bit chilled but psyched about the day. On Union Street in Old Town Alexandria I passed Nancy Duley who was waving her arms like a deranged person. Hi, Nancy.
Veloworker Extraordinaire Nancy Duley
Veloworker Extraordinaire Nancy Duley
The Mount Vernon Trail was rather busy this day. Lots of other people decided to go ape and ride to work. One runner was boogying down the path in shorts.  Nice legs.
At the beaver dam, a National Park Service Beaver Disrupter was hard at work knocking down the dam. The pond behind it was starting to spill over on the playing fields and the MVT.
The rest of the ride in was splendid. Nobody ran me over in Rosslyn which is always nice.
The ride home was light, as opposed to dark, not heavy. My ride home is always heavy. He ain’t heavy, he’s my panniers.
At the beaver dam, the NPSBD had achieved his goal; the pond had mostly drained. When the water in a pond recedes it leaves behind what scientists call muck. Muck smells like rotting plants. For once, I was happy it was not warm out. I can’t imagine how bad it would have smelled on a 90 degree day.
I reluctantly turned on my headlight shortly the muck. We’re only a few weeks away from ditching the lights for good. Yay!
Today was my 25th bike commute of the year. And my fifth errand.  I rode 29.5 miles. I observed things with my eyes and nose. Vive El Errrando Grande!!!

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