Like Savoir Faire, #bikedc Is Everywhere

During my bike commutes, I often see my regulars. These include Hoppy Guy, Three-step Runner, Fitness Woman, Grafixnerd Clone, and French Braid Cyclist. I don’t know any of them. In fact, with the exception of Hoppy Guy, we rarely acknowledge each other.

Once you start becoming known in the #bikedc community, this sort of annonymity goes out the window. In the last two days I have seen Bob (@Rcannon100) twice. Last night (as I forgot to mention in my blog post) I ran into Chris (@bilsko). This morning I saw Nancy (@nduley) who has become one of my regulars.

For many years Mrs. Rootchopper and I would wonder how we knew so many people in the DC area and never ran into them. When I am on the bike, that’s no longer the case. I’m lousy with names but there are now so many people in the #bikedc twitterverse that I can’t keep track of people’s actual names.

Then there is the strange case of Alex and Bec. There I was riding alone in the Tour du Port in Baltimore, when I hear a woman say, “Are you from DC?” Alex and Bec had spotted my pin from @SharrowsDC, a #bikedc blogger of ill repute.

I often get spotted by other cyclists when I am on my Bike Friday or my recumbent. Riding BOUDs (Bikes of Unusual Design) makes me stick out. Another give away may be my biking clothing which is to say my non-biking clothing. I wear a helmet and pretty much everything else I wear above my feet is whatever clothing works for the weather. My Marmot Precip jacket and pants are for hiking. My holey sweater was once a regular wool sweater. Some of my base layers are cheapo shirts from some random department store. For gloves I often wear mittens. It’s Hobo Chic.

Ironically, one of the reasons I started cycling as an adult was the fact that it was so hard to get a group of people together to play a team sport like basketball or softball. Now, it’s pretty easy to get a bunch of people together for a ride. I notified a bunch of #bikedc people about the Vasa ride in March. Nearly all of them signed up. It’s going to be crowded out there!

I wrote all the above during the day. I rode home. I saw no one I knew. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Like Savoir Faire, #bikedc Is Everywhere

  1. I did wonder, as I pedaled along the MVT this afternoon, if there would be a repeat of yesterday’s run-in at the tunnel (nice to see you BTW).
    I’m planning on doing the short VASA loop with Maia in the trailer – 15km may be the limit of her patience.

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