Refund? REFUND? REFUND!!!?

The last couple of days have been all discombobulated. Yesterday, I drove to work, thinking that my daughter’s play (actually one of seven short plays) would start at 7.  I found out at 5 that the play doesn’t start until eight. I could have ridden in afterall.  As it turns out it was mighty cold and windy so I can’t say that I was all that upset.

After work, I drove to Cactus Cantina up in Grover Park.  I experimented with a new route and found out that I could get over to Rock Creek Park easily, thereby avoiding the traffic mess in Georgetown. It only took me 15 months to find this new route which seems obvious. (Key Bridge to Whitehurst Freeway to 27th Street to Virginia Avenue to RCP. Pretty easy.) Anyway, I had a fine repast at the restaurant with the Mrs. My meal is still making me feel stuffed 22 hours later. The two margueritas went down smoothly, I might add.

Mrs. Rootchopper and I drove separate cars to the school. I had arrived at the theater late because of a telephone call that took 25 minutes. (Chatty sister, I have.) The school theater has a wide aisle after the fourth row of seats. I walked back and forth across the aisle looking for my wife to no avail. I went outside and asked a student usher if she had seen her and she went in with me and pointed her out. I walked across the same wide aisle and sat down next to her. She leaned over and said, “You didn’t say ‘hi’ to Hillary?” and pointed to a seat to my right in the row in front of me. There, seated in the ;2row on the wide aisle was the just-resigned Secretary of State/Senator from NY/FLOUS. Bloody hell. How’d I miss her? (Her nephew was in one of the plays.)

The plays were mostly pretty entertaining. Leaving was a bit of a challenge since there was a clot of people around Hillary including a tall, expressionless white man in a dark cloth coat. Dude, just wear a sign that says “Secret Service” in the future. Driving down Cathedral Avenue traffic came to a stop as a couple of imposing looking black cars were parked illegally on the street in front of the school. Dudes, you stick out like a linebacker at a tea party. Why don’t they change the name to the Obvious Service?

As I mentioned to a Twitter friend, seeing Hillary at the play is way better than buying a TV with Dick Gephardt. (True story.) It still doesn’t top the time I was showing my sister around the mall..  She had never been to DC. Suddenly, a Secret Service helicopter started swooping low over Constitution Avenue near the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. We ran to the street.  A motorcade came past. A long black limo with an illuminated interior was in the middle. There, in the back seat, were Ron and Nancy. We were alone on the edge of the street waving like idiots. The president turned toward us, pointed, waved and smiled. I am sure my sister thinks this sort of thing happens every day.

This morning I took the Milennium Falcon for an oil change. The place was pretty empty for a Saturday; I think 16 degrees makes people disinclined to get up on a Saturday and go outside. I walked the mile and a half home. The mechanic seemed to take a long time so I called him 90 minutes after he said the car would be ready. He told me he left a message 2 hours ago. It turns out that my old employer hasn’t turned off my voice mail despite the fact that I left 16 months ago. And my name and number are still being used in materials for a year-round survey. I spent 15 minutes going through 37 calls on my old voice mails, none of them of any importance.

After fetching the car, I did some errands. The pharmacist laughed when he saw me. He turned to the other pharmacist and said he didn’t recognize me without my helmet. The other day, the head of our neighborhood association recognized me as the guy who rides that funny-looking bike. (I had to get a clarification, which funny looking bike? He meant Big Nellie.)

I spent the next few hours fighting with Turbo Tax but I finished our tax returns (REFUND? REFUND!?) and my daughter’s as well. My son’s W2 is AWOL which proves that taxes are never without some kind of complication.

A squall line is approaching, Soon snow will be coming down. Looks like Super Bowl Sunday may be another perfect day for car maintenance and taxes.

I miss my bike already.


One thought on “Refund? REFUND? REFUND!!!?

  1. Cactus Cantina always makes me full. Shame you didn’t bike there because you could have parked your bike across the street.

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