Instant Karma

I rode to work yesterday in shorts. I knew the gods would smite my ass today. And so they did.

After another night of little sleep, I woke up and waited for the return of the plumber.  He arrived pretty much on time, fixed the kitchen faucet in less than a minute and was gone. I left the house at 8 into a rainy, cold headwind. Little Nellie is probably getting annoyed that she gets the call when the weather sucks. Suck it up, baby. You have the oldest drivetrain in the shed.

The ride in was uneventful. Rain. Cold. Headwind. Despite the elements, I was comfortable all the way to work.  I hung up my wet things on the back of my office door and placed my overboots on the floor hoping that they would somehow dry out.

At 5 I started to dress for the ride home. My holey sweater had apparently been in contact with my rain jacket and had soaked up some water.  I put it on anyway. They say that wool will keep you warm even when it’s wet. They ain’t lyin’. The last thing on was the overboots. I was amazed to find that they had dried out during the day.

The ride home was pretty much like the ride in except I now had a mild cross wind and the rain was little more than a few sprinkles here and there. I managed not to hit a single ninja, because even ninjas are smart enough to know not to be out in this kind of weather. Not me. No no. I’m pretty sure I am not on Mensa’s speed dial.

It’s supposed to rain right through the morning tomorrow so the ride in sure looks like a whole lot of fun.  I can’t complain. It hasn’t snowed (yet) and the temperatures have been above freezing for most of the winter.  There I’ve done it again. The gods will surely smite my ass – again.



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