Shorts Story

It’s the middle of January and I wore shorts to and from work. As unusual as this feels, it actually is not all that rare. I remember when I was living in the frozen north, there would be a couple of thaws every winter. And there would be at least one week of no-way-I’m-going-outside cold weather. One of the nice things about living near DC is that super cold weather is extremely rare.

Last night I logged a good, solid 1 hour of sleep. It seems to happen about once every ten days. I even took some zzzzQuil. The stuff is useless. NyQuil knocks my ass right out. zzzQuil is lame.

I had fresh legs because I didn’t ride all weekend. Add a tail wind and I felt like I had EPO for breakfast. There were several points along the river where the air temperature was a good ten degrees colder. Woke my ass right up. The fog was intense too. As I rode opposite the Washington Monument there was a sort of fog plume on the river. I like fog. I once taught at a college in Newport RI. It was frequently socked in with dense fog and a fog horn sounded in the distance. I love that sound.

I managed to get through the Rosslyn Circle of Blood without incident. I arrived at work unscathed.

It was a few degrees colder on the ride home. As luck would have it the wind had changed direction and I had another tailwind. I saw a woman running in a thin sweatshirt and shorts. I smiled at her. I loved running in Rhode Island. I rarely wore long pants. I hated the feeling. So seeing a runner in shorts is always a good thing. Except if they have cankles. Most runners don’t have cankles.

With the foggy haze and the dark it looked like the incoming planes at National Airport were going to land on a plane on the runway. One was landing from the east. One was on the NW bound runway awaiting take off. Two were coming in for a landing from the SE.  Doing air traffic control at that place must be nerve wracking.

The ride to Old Town was calming. No effort with the breeze at my back. My back wheel seemed to be a little slippery. I didn’t have a flat but my panniers were stuffed with my work clothes and my bad weather cycling gear. There’s only so much weight you can put back there before a bike’s handling goes all to hell.

South of Old Town I came upon a double header. Two ninjas, dressed all in black walking side by side. The three of us are fortunate that they were on the other side of the trail. I encountered another as I approached the Dyke Marsh boardwalk. This was a runner in all black but he had white legs (shorts again) and white lettering on his long sleeved shirt.

The weather takes a turn for the worse tomorrow. Cold and rainy. Good thing the plumber is coming back to re-do the kitchen faucet. At least I get to ride in after sunrise. No shorts though.


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