Plumber Populaire

I really did want to ride the populaire with DC Randonneurs. The ride is around 65 or 70 miles with plenty of hills. The ride would have to wait. My downstairs sink was completely destroyed by a Friday night DIY frenzy that made me glad I didn’t go to trade school. My son left town to hang out with his girlfriend (the boy has his priorities straight) and I waited for the plumber.

The plumber came around noon and went to work. This guy moved like a dancer around the sink. Within 30 mimutes or so, he had the drain pipe, new valves and the sink and countertop installed. Go team!  Then he had his way with the shower which has been dripping for six months. He replaced both valves, the shower head and the pipe leading to it. Ta da!  To finish off his work, he replaced the stem valve in the kitchen sink faucet. He was gone by 1:20. If nothing leaks, he’s going to be our plumber for ever.

I have been watching tweets from Mary, Lisa and John, who are doing the populaire, Adam, who is counting trail users for the city of Alexandria, and Ted, who is riding around Alexandria for fun and food. It looked gray and cold outside but my brain could not get my ass in gear. So I am taking a day of rest.

Some friends from my grad school days are meeting up in Garrett Park MD for a Secret Santa brunch.  So Sunday will most likely be another day off the bike. I should be ready to rumble come Monday.



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