Going Mad with a To-Do List

I hate chores. I much prefer aimlessly riding my bike on the weekends. Especially when the weather is good. This weekend the weather was good. My to-do list was gooder.

This weekend I needed to pick up some dry cleaning. Go to the drug store. Get a new shower curtain. Buy a copy of Turbo Tax. Get my haircut. Do the FAFSA (financial aid) form for my daughter. Change the brake pads on The Mule. Drop off The Mule to get a new drivetrain and handlebar tape. Fix a leaky faucet.

Not much room in there for riding. I picked off the drug store, the dry cleaning and the shower curtain. No problemo. In the process I found out that Rite Aid is giving me a discount on everything for the entire year. This is payback for all the medications I bought from them last year. It pays to have chronic health problems. I went to buy Turbo Tax on Saturday but the $10 off sale was not yet into effect. Fail. Then I got my haircut.

I bought the brake pads last weekend with a gift card I got at the Backroads Century. By early afternoon the sun was shining on my patio so I set up my workstand and went at it. I finished in about 20 minutes. I used to let the bike shop do this task but they never toe-ed in the pads properly and I’d have to adjust them anyway. So about a year ago I decided to just do it myself. No squeaks. Me happy. And I get better at it each time I do it.

Next, I took The Mule to Spokes Etc. at Belle Haven to drop it off for a new chain, cassette, chainrings and bar tape. Colin the mechanic said my chainrings were still okay; he had the chain, tape and cassette in stock then stunned me by asking, “Want to wait while I do this?” 20 minutes later The Mule was reborn. Me happy, again. Thanks, Colin.

With daylight fading I had to wait until today to ride. I started with a ride over to Staples to get my Turbo Tax. Done.

Then I did the FAFSA form (or most of it). I thought this would take hours. It took 30 minutes. Most of my finances are regarded as irrelevant. Still the odds of my daughter getting financial aid are roughly the same as the odds of a comet hitting the moon in the next hour.

Then my son and I tackled the faucet which was now flowing rather than dripping. I got the handles off and saw that the cassette on one side, the one with the leak had broken off and it was not coming out. Off to Home Depot for a new faucet. To get all this done we had to take the countertop completely off. Re-assembly was pretty easy. The countertop did not want to go back in place as before. We spent an hour screwing around with it. Then I went to the hardware store (owned by a Mount Vernon Trail regular who rides a nice red Serotta). Shims and caulk in hand we spend another 30 minutes screwing around with things. We got it to “good enough” and quit.

It was 3 p.m. by the time this was done. Time for some football. I’ll get re-acquainted with Big Nellie in the morning.



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